What we do for you

CBCLP has 30 years of experience (since 1986) in the various fields of computer technologies. Creative web design skills has allowed us to interact with business owners on a different level. It’s not just about website user-friendly navigation and/or a completed website. It’s about joining forces with the business owners to help them establish a presence on the web or elevate their existing website to another level. We possess the background knowledge in business to develop each client’s ideas, products and/or services to market. Also, we have the marketing prowess to think about what the consumer wants from each client’s website and and how successful each webpage is to customer’s engagement.

CBCLP business is passionate about finding new ways to grow your business in addition to keeping our finger on customer’s engagement and conversion. CBCLP’s philosophy is helping businesses who are providing services, products and/or ideas that are responsible for all people and our earth’s resources.

I hope we can bring a long term and sustainable business for you and those of your community and/or the world.

Best regards,

Manu Martinez
Computer Business Center, L.P., General Manager